✈ Tourism around the world ✈ Mexico and places to visit ✈

✈ Tourism around the world ✈ Mexico and places to visit ✈

Tourism in Mexico

Tourism in Mexico the eternal promise of development, tourism represents a major activity in the economic strategy of the vast majority of countries. Mexico is one of the nations with the greatest arrival of international flights, to a lesser extent of economic spill compared with other countries with less tourists. In such a way that the different government scales of the country place the once called industry without chimneys as one of the main axes in the local and regional political agenda.

MEXICO Rich in resources

In Mexico is recognized the high potential and richness of natural and cultural resources, the image of being a mega-diverse country worldwide has generated wide expectations around tourism. Under this privileged projection and to the growing demand of the market that follows the tendency to consume new destinations and tourist attractions, the governmental institutions in matters of tourism decide to intervene and to promote different spaces and Products through programs and projects that enter the dynamics of tourism. With the firm conviction of achieving the long-cherished development.


When was the idea of tourism born as a means of national development? In the beginning it was thought of growth and economic progress if we observe in the history of Mexico, it is not until the middle of the last century when tourism gave the first indications of being an important activity in the economy of the country. In particular, cinema can be regarded as the main medium that in some way showed the world – and mainly the Americans-the natural beauty of the beaches of the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean. As is already known, the cessation of the Second World War allowed the opening of large-scale trips due to the progress made in aeronautics and peace among the world powers, among other things. In this way Mexico began the adventure of tourism, between improvisations and roads not well grounded, because the burgeoning social phenomenon took in assault the country.


FONATUR Training

It was from that moment when it was seen with better eyes to the tourism, were created offices, departments, addresses and later the federal secretary of Tourism, with the purpose of giving order and a clear direction to the tourism, born the FONATUR and the first centers Integrally planned. And with this the paradigm and the discourse of the tourist development.


Historically and since oil was exchanged, it became the main source of income at the federal level, undoubtedly holds the economy of Mexico. Without this important resource our country would be in grave arrears. It is for this reason that it has sought to strengthen other sectors to diversify and balance the economy. Even more so with the collapse of oil prices shown in recent weeks.


It is paradoxical that tourism is a growth factor and in turn contributes to the degradation of the environment, acculturation and transculturation. In spite of this, in the tourist demagoguery it is established that the tourism is a key of development for the communities, often with the label of the sustainability. It is important to mention that tourism does not always mean a transformative process against the environmental, landscape and social environment, sometimes it is decisive for the preservation and value of the heritage. In addition, it is characterized by generating opportunities for employment, creation and improvement of services infrastructure. However, the intervention of tourism does not prevent human and environmental changes generated by the social process involved in this activity, is a phenomenon conditioned by capitalism that give value to things making in goods to Later to be consumed by the market.

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