View the most visited sites in Mexico is long a favorite destination for Americans, Mexico is also becoming more and more popular among European tourists looking to enjoy the seemingly endless sun of the country, breathtaking scenery, and Beautiful sandy beaches-not to mention its amazingly rich cultural heritage. So important are the ancient Aztec and Mayan sites of Mexico and the historic colonial cities that many have been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, ensuring that they will remain undisturbed for the next generations. Interestingly, these places-including places like Guanajuato, Chichen Itza and Uxmal-are often as popular as the traditional beach holiday spots such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen. Leading the whole experience is the rich culture of the country, a fascinating mixture of native peoples, as well as colonial influences from Spain that are manifested in everything from the culinary creations of the country to its vibrant musical traditions and Dance. It is Also a country rich in flora and fauna, as it extends through climatic zones that range from arid deserts to lush tropical forests.

Here we Will show You some of the best places to visit Mexico:

Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Lying along a beautiful stretch of coastline in the Gulf of Mexico are the tourist destinations of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the island of Cozumel, collectively known as the Riviera Maya.

This magnificent area on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula attracts about 5 million visitors each year, in the process that generates 20% of Mexico’s total income.

Despite these numbers, it is unlikely to feel like a part of the crowd due to the vast beaches of the Riviera and the endless crystalline water.

The area also has many fun activities such as swims of dolphins and rays, snorkeling between reefs and tropical fish, as well as scuba diving in the world’s largest underwater museum, a spectacular collection of sculptures immersed in Depths of up to eight Meters.

Then, of course, there are many ancient Mayan ruins of the region, with some of the nearest sites within walking distance of the beaches, while the largest and most impressive-Chichen Itza and Tulum-are only a few hours away.

Puerto Vallarta

Another of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations is Puerto Vallarta’s Pacific coastal city. Often shortened to only Vallarta, the city-many parts of which remain intact by modern development-first appeared on the vacation radar in the 1960s as a playground for the social elite of North America and has since Become extremely popular among foreigners looking for second homes in a warmer climate. Today, the city is so likely to attract a greater public cruising in search of swimming with the dolphins, as it is a younger traveler looking for adventure, which is found here in activities as diverse as paragliding and jet-skiing. For those who like to vacation at a slower pace, the city also has many places to buy handicrafts or just stroll through nice walks along the beach with its many green spaces and sculptures.

Historic Center of Mexico City

The Historic city of CenterMexico (Mexico city) is not only the capital of the country and the seat of the government, but is one of the most popular alternative destinations in the country, thanks to its many world-class museums, art galleries and Attractions. Don’t Get your size. Instead, focus its efforts on the historic center of the city (historic center of the city), a 15-square-kilometre UNESCO World Heritage site that has more than 1,400 important colonial buildings from the 16TH to the NINETEENTH centuries. It Is Here, you will find most of the major attractions of Mexico City, many within walking distance of the Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución), the bustling main square of the city, including the National Palace, the Cathedral Metropolitan, and the Greater temple with its Aztec relics. Adding to the whole experience are the huge volcanic mountains overlooking the city, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, each one more than 5,000 meters high and offering a perfect excuse for.

Chichen Itza: The Mayan Metropolis

Chichen Itza: The Mayan a popular day trip for those visiting Cancun and Playa del Carmen or the Yucatan capital of Mérida, the magnificent Mayan city of Chichén Itzá is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, as well as one of the largest and best subtractions Urados. The highlight of a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site are numerous, from the massive El Castillo-also known as the Pyramid of Kukulkan, and 30 meters high, the highest structure of the site-to the magnificent snail, an Observatory of almost 1,000 years of age attesting to how advanced the Mayas were (the building is notable for the narrow recesses in its walls allowing the sun to penetrate twice a year so that the priests could accurately determine the date). Also of interest are the numerous statues of the site, including many examples of the famous Mayan found holding their sacrificial glasses as they continue to protect these ancient temples.


Second only to Mexico city in size, Guadalajara, capital of the state of Jalisco, has successfully retained its unique blend of colonial and native tapatíos influences. Famous for its wide avenues flanked by picturesque parks and good old buildings highlighted by its European style, Guadalajara is a hotbed of traditional Mexican culture, of mariachi music that seems to emanate everywhere, to its fascinating Charreadas, a type of rodeo that is often accompanied by festivities such as dancing, singing, and a lot of good food. It Is a fun city to explore on foot because of the four large squares that together form the shape of a cross and encompass the center of the Old City. The Best of them, Plaza de Armas, is the perfect place to start a tour and includes buildings as notable as the 17TH century government Palace and the beautiful Baroque Cathedral of Guadalajara (Cathedral of Guadalajara), built between 1558 and 1616.

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