Tourism in ARGENTINA

Tourism in ARGENTINA

Traveling in ARGENTINA

Traveling in ARGENTINA offers a diverse range of tourist activities, both cultural and in touch with nature, ideal to capture the attention of the most varied public. It thus arouses the particular interest of each potential visitor, which we reflect in these channels in which we gather these activities organized by topics.

In permanent form we incorporate here new tourist products that make to the essence of knowing Argentina from many points of view, being able to show who we are, what things represent us and what our tastes like Argentinians.

Thanks to them it is possible to internalize and live as some of the classic and more traditional Argentinean passions. Just do? Click? On the topic you are interested in and you will begin a journey inside each one of them.

Among the developments here are the Tango, sport fishing, Argentinian wines and its traditional harvest festival, which is added another popular passion as is the celebration of the carnival of Gualeguaychú.

But it is also possible to know in an immediate way the different national parks, the classic Argentinean Estancias, the paleontological centers where the dinosaurs left their footprint, the thermal centers and Spa or the necessary Golf courses, which are Located in most of the destinations that owns our beautiful country.

Argentine football, national passion if any, is also developed for visitors to understand the reason for so much fanaticism and understand the popular feeling for the world and the great figures of this sport that have become the best Players in the world.

If the idea is to continue knowing our history, nothing better than to take a tour of the article of our Argentine bicentennial or the unimaginable number of museums distributed throughout the country, which allow the visitor to understand in a dynamic Our origin and development as Argentines.

In summer, adventure sports and extremes, which combine pleasure, relaxation and adrenaline at the same time are developed in the adventure tourism channel, where it is possible to know the different sporting activities that are practiced in Argentina, both in Earth and water as in the air.

The arrival of winter is the ideal time for the different ski resorts to show the novelties with which they prepare, year by year, to receive their guests who come in search of good snow for skiing and also of infrastructure, schools, equipment rental and Services. And there’s more, a lot more. Among those who are:

Skiign and museums


Tour of their places


Snow arrives and skiing in Argentina becomes irresistible. The spirit of white sports is reborn and the new winter season begins to be delineated.

Feel the snow dust of the firewood or penitents. Head out with its tables in the forests of lengas like the one that has the Cerro Chapelco. Feel the Patagonian wind and the beauty of a great panoramic view from the Cerro Catedral or just let yourself be seduced by the extraordinary scenery of Cerro Castor, where the Cordillera and the ocean merge in the southernmost city of the world, the beautiful Ushuaia.

Gliding through the frizzy slopes of the Cordilleranas Mountains brings together hundreds of lovers of skiing and snowboarding in their different modalities. Rookies, beginners and experienced skiers all find the place and the time to unleash their passion.

The ski resorts and snow parks that are located from Mendoza and Malargüe to Ushuaia display a varied infrastructure that satisfies the most demanding public.


In the challenging Andean slopes of this country, you can practice alpine skiing or go through wide valleys and plains running Nordic skiing. Just choose the place and imagine the descent down the slopes. You have to coordinate schedules to take classes at a specialized school and rent the right equipment and clothing. Restaurants, tea houses, alternative excursions and the best hotels in the country await anyone who is encouraged to the ritual of the snow.



Touring the museums is a good way to get back in history, knowing and living, through different testimonies, customs, habits, life and the environment of our communities.

As it is our interest to offer extensive information on the Republic of Argentina, we describe in detail the circuit of museums that can be carried out within each corridor, in order to fully capture our culture and geography.

The site offers the possibility of walking through places dedicated to history, paleontology, archaeology, as well as others created by lovers and defenders of our culture, who have retained for future generations a valuable Material, witness of past times.

Museum of Contemporary Latin American art

The Museum of Contemporary Latin American art reflects the creative spirit and inventiveness of thousands of artists, without a doubt, symbolizing the cultural identity of this beautiful city.
The M.A.C.L.A. (Museum of Contemporary Latin American art) was inaugurated on September 10, 1999 in the current Pasaje Dardo Rocha, in the same place where the Municipal Museum of Art is located. Both inhabit the block comprising Streets 6, 7, 49 and 50, in the heart of the city, and are neighbors of the house of Government and the legislature, which is the building that surrounds the Plaza San Martín.

In the year 1978, the 1st Ibero-American meeting of Art critics and plastic artists took place in Venezuela, and at that meeting arose the need to have a space that would bring together all the ideal forms of Latin American artistic production.

It was only during the development of the sample confluences, carried out in 1994 in Spain by the teacher and plastic artist Cesar Lopez Osornio, that the dream of the museum itself in the city of the diagonals began to take force. The artists who participated in the exhibition, all Latin Americans living in Europe for voluntary or forced exiles, decided to donate their works to the project of López Osornio, who was later named the first general director of the new museum.

Fangio Museum

The Museum of motorsport Juan Manuel Fangio pays homage to the fivefold world champion Formula 1 and dynamically summarizes the history of motorsport with more than 50 cars on display.

The Juan Manuel Fangio Museum is one of those museums that should not stop visiting as it shows motoring not only as a sports discipline but also as an Argentinian passion. In an entertaining and documented way, the life of Juan Manuel Fangio is counted in chronological order, alias «El Chueco», the most famous of the Balcarceños, from his childhood through the history of the first workshop he put together his friend José Duffard, his start as a pilot in 1936, The championships won in the years 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 and their memorable careers until their retirement.


The first big impact when entering the museum is generated by a giant cup located in the entrance hall, presented by the Argentinean Association of Flyers of Rosario to Fangio when he returned to the country after being consecrated as world champion for the fourth time.

The imposing award has the height and weight of the corridor at that time. In this sector are also exhibited the five prizes for the world championships won and some items such as boots, gloves and blinders used by the pilot in competitions.


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